How To Use ThingStor

Objects can be found through a direct word search (go to Search icon on top right ).

Gallery and Grid views provide full overview of all Example Objects (as image), all Source Texts (title page), and all Referenced or Quoted Objects (word entry).

Object searches may be filtered by author, title, genre, and keywords including object function and category, date or place of publication/creation, materials, and technology.

When searching by Example Object, each specific object entry is cross-linked to all Source Texts and Referenced (quoted) Objects of the same name, as well as to the example’s image source.

When searching by Source Text, each text or artwork entry is linked to all Example Objects connected to the Source, including to full text databases.

When searching by Referenced (or quoted) Object, each object entry is linked to the Source text, the Example Object, and the object’s full quotation including repeat quotations in the same text. Object searches can be further guided by using the site’s Filter and Sort function which allows users to both find specific materials and browse areas of interest to discover new material.