About Us

ThingStor is created by Dr. Martin Brückner and a working group of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Delaware. The group is supported by the Center for Material Culture Studies and the departments of English and Art History. Logistical support was provided by UD Library staff.

For more information, or to join the ThingStor working group on campus, contact Dr. Martin Brückner at materialculture@udel.edu.

ThingStor Working Group

Current Project Members:

Dr. Martin Brückner (English)
Alba Campo Rosillo (Art History)
Michael Doss (English)
Adam Grimes (Art History)
Helena Kim (English)
Joe Nash (English)
Samantha Nystrom (English)
Rebecca Olsen (English)
Brett Seekford (English)
Victoria Sunnergren (Art History)
Rebeccah Swerdlow (Art History)
Jack Truschel (English)

Former Project Members:

Petra Clark (English)
Mark Grabowski (UD Library)
Keith Jones (UD Library)
Sarah Leonard (Art History)
Erica Lome (History)
Natalia Lopez (UD Library)
Eileen Moscoso (English; Project Manager)
Jessica Venturi (English)